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West Marin Fund and West Marin Collaborative, in partnership with Colibri Collaborative, established a Steering Group and an Advisory Group to provide input and help implement the project in its first phase of research and mapping.

The goal of the project is to develop a plan for durable communications pathways and more coordinated and inclusive information flow.


Members of the Advisory Group meet seasonally to define and broaden the reach of the project and assist with implementation of a communication survey. The Group's goal is to ensure a broad representation of West Marin people and communities are included.

The Advisory Group represents the diversity of West Marin communities. They bring content expertise in governance, media and communications, and represent the needs and desires of the most marginalized communities of West Marin.

Amanda Eichstaedt

Angelica Sanchez

Barbara Clifton-Zarate

Brandt Kuykendall

Carey Crosby

Christian Anthony

Cristina Salcedo

Daphne Cummings

Donna Clavaud

Evan Wilhelm

Hal Russek

John Carroll

Jorge Martinez

Julie Cassel

Leanne Kriz 

Lisa Tornes

Lou Nuyens

Lourdes Romo

Lynn Axelrod

Madeline Nieto Hope

Nicole Lavelle

Noele Kostelic, M.A.

Patty Lyons

Rebecca Porrata

Rebecca Teague

Roy Pitts

Socorro Romo  

Steve Siegel

Tess Elliott

Ulrich Weeren

Vicki Chase

Yareli Cervantes

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